Yard Sales – Garage Sales – Tag Sales Moving Sales – Bake Sales


No matter what the name, these events can help downsize and/or raise money from otherwise unused or unwanted items.



  • The best day for a sale is Saturday, but a multi-day sale over a long weekend will attract more hard-core shoppers.
  • Sunday traffic will depend on worship services.
  • The best times of the day are early morning to late afternoon.
  • The best seasons are Spring and Fall unless you live in a continual warm weather climate. People tend to purge items during these transitional seasons.


Joint Endeavor

  • Pair with a friend, a family member, a neighbor or a co-worker. The more items to choose from, the more traffic you will attract, the more successful your sale will be and the more fun there is to be had.
  • Devise a system for tracking whose items sold such as color-coded stickers.



  • Thrifters plan their routes and shopping days from many sources.
  • Place an ad in the local paper and the paper’s website in advance of the sale.
  • Advertise in your church and/or work newsletter.
  • Placing an ad will provide a good return on  your investment.



~See Organizing area for ongoing preparation.
  • Clean, mend or repair, and tag items that are collected for the sale prior to the day of the sale.
  • Know the prices for everything you are selling.
  • Tag all items before the day of the sale.
  • Have plenty of spare change available. It never fails that the least expensive items will be paid with the largest bills.
  • A good mix is: 2 tens, 6 fives, 20 ones and $10 in coins.


  • Utilize hangers for clothes that can be hung. They are unappealing all piled in a box.
  • Press expensive items to make them more attractive.
  • Provide a private area to try on clothes, preferably without having to enter your home.

        Electrical Items

  • Provide an extension cord and power outlet so shoppers can test electrical items.



  • Make large legible, durable signs. Account for a chance of wind or moist conditions.
  • Place signage to direct shopping traffic precisely to your sale. A sign or clear maker at ever turn to your sale is a safe bet traffic will find it.
  • Be sure that the signage is approved for the street and/or subdivision.


Sale Day

  • Display as much as possible.
  • Place interesting or unusual “teaser items” out in front or on the curb to lure in the browsers.
  • Be ready at least an hour earlier then your designated start time. There will always be early birds expecting to catch the best deals.


Unsold Items

  • Have a plan for items that don’t sell.
  • Will you take them to Goodwill? Many agencies will pick your unwanted items.