Besides your local thrift stores, consider other sources especially if you are a collector. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of outlets for you to peruse and satisfy your thrifting bug. Your sources for thrifting can be plentiful.


Antique Malls

Though they tend to be on the higher end price-wise, these merchant co-ops, though largely antique-centric, may also carry primitive antiques or replicas, collectibles, decorative items, hard to find items, and sometimes hand-crafted fare. Some booths in the shops have themes or specialize in a certain era or look. 


Flea Malls

These merchant co-ops function much like antique malls. They offer a percentage of used and new items depending on the guidelines set forth by store policy or owner. Here you may find old furniture or accessories that have been refinished for an updated or primitive look or re-purposed into something that serves another duty then it was originally intended. Some vendors offer new or vintage clothes, jewelry, and shoes, collectible figurines, books or cards. Some merchants have unique or hand-crafted items. You will probably find the most variety in these establishments.


Flea Markets



The flea markets of today are not the same as in yesteryear. Today, most flea markets are full of t-shirts, widgets, and knock-offs. But you can still locate some good finds with some diligent searching.


Charity-driven Stores

Besides the big names like Goodwill and Salvation Army, many local charities have opened storefronts to help distribute the many donations they receive. Many of these have religious affiliations or ties to needy causes. Shop these merchants knowing that your money is being recirculated into the community.


Consignment Shops

These shops usually have a specialty such as women’s clothing and accessories, furniture or baby items. For a fee or commission, these merchants will sell your items for you.


Pawn Shops

Don’t discount pawn shops when hunting for bargains and hard to find items. Often people have given up a valuable keepsake or collectible in exchange for cash to be resold at these merchants.


Yard Sales & Garage Sales


Some people enjoy the thrill of the hunt that shopping their neighbors’ discards can provide.  A moving sale or church sale can be just the opportunity to snatch up great items at cheap prices.