As a seller, generating interest in your items is key to selling well. Keep these tips in mind when preparing your online sale:


Select Optimal Category:

Search for items similar to what you are offering to see which categories other sellers have chosen. The more specific your category, the easier it will be for your buyers to find your items. You may also send a suggestion for a category to suggestions.



Be as descriptive as possible. Include information that you as a buyer would want to know about the item: dimensions, uses,  etc. What are the item’s highlights? What words are potential buyers likely to use when searching for your item?



Post at least one high-quality picture of the item. Multiple pictures showcasing its best features and its intended use are more ideal. 


Price Wisely:

Research similar items on the internet to gauge a starting and ending price. This will inform you on what to expect to earn. Most sites will include a “buy now” option for the sale.


Shipping Cost:

Specify in your posting that packaging and shipping costs are not included in the sale price and provide a link to or list of costs that may be expected. Choose shipping options that are inexpensive, yet will deliver the item quickly and safely.Consider manually delivering the item, arranging a meeting to exchange funds and the item, or even allow the buyer to pick the item up.


Methods of Payment: 

Make sure your buyers feel safe with their purchase from you by choosing the most common forms of methods of payment in your posting or profile. SpiceMines recommends creating a PayPal account which is the most common form of online payment.  



Buyers may inevitably have questions about the item, payment, or shipping details. Develop a strong relationship with your potential customers by responding promptly, honestly, and professionally to their inquiries.  A satisfied customer can be your best word-of-mouth advertising.


Prohibited Items:

Confirm the item is not prohibited by the site  and/or in violation of the SpiceMines User Agreement. Any prohibited listings will be removed without compensation.