Clearing Clutter

Remove or organize the biggest or bulkiest items first to make for quicker progress. You will free up valuable real estate faster.


Put sets of toys such as models or Legos together in one labeled container or bag with the instructions. Photocopy the assembled toy and affix the picture to the outside of the container.

Set a limit on the quantity of toys for each child. As something new is purchased or received, have the child decide on which older toy to give away or donate.


Return Station

This is an area such as a small space in a coat closet where you can place packaging and or receipts of things that you may be just trying out and might return to the store. Once you decide to keep the items, discard the package and discard or file the receipt.

You can also use this area for items that need to be given or returned to friends or family such as the dish from a snack that was brought for a party, a copy of an old photo of you and a friend, that hammer you borrowed from your neighbor.

Instead of being scattered throughout the home, all these items are in one place and can better remind you to return them to the property owner.


Return Bins

Similiar to the Return Station, place a plastic bin in each room, especially in a big house, to collect items that belong in other rooms. Periodically, carry the bin with you and empty it into the respective rooms where the items belong.



Designate areas in closets. Reserve higher shelves for off-season or seldom used items. Store linens under the bed in shallow boxes.



Designate areas in the attic for seasonal items, sports equipment, decorations, etc. Label plastic bins with numbers and then list the contents of the bin on  a sheet of paper with it’s number. File your content sheets in plastic protective sleeves in your Home Bible.