As much as possible, it is important and beneficial to be proactive instead of reactive. This comes with careful planning and organization and can apply to all aspects of your life. The goal here is to simplify and planning is a helpful tool in this process.
As a precautionary measure to maintain a peace of mind and as a just in case.
Natural disasters and local accidents sometimes create instances when we may have to evacuate our houses and/or neighborhoods.
In the case of a natural disaster, it may be necessary to produce vital documents that can identify you as well as your ownership. Arranging for easy access and organization to this data is a proactive plan.
Make several copies of legal documents of importance and disperse them to various locaitons outside of your immediate environment for safe keeping.
Store pertinent documents in a central location: a fireproof box is ideal
acquire a safety deposit box at your local bank
send secured copies of your vital legal documents to at least two relatives or friends in other georgraphical areas outside you immediate environment
Vital Documents List:
Address book/ Phone numbers
Auto Insurance ID Card
Auto Policy
Birth Certificate
car Registration
Car Title
Checking Account Numbers
Drivers License (copy)
Family History
Irreplaceable Photos
Investment Records Documentation
Life Insurance Policy
Marriage License
Medical Insurance ID
Medical Insurance Policy
Medical History
Military Records
P.I.N. Records for all credit cards and personal accounts
Savings Account Numbers
Social Security Card
Trust Records
Tax Returns (for last 5 years)

Safekeeping your soft data is as important as safekeeping your hard data and documents.
When was the last time you backed up you computer?
do you backup daily, monthly, quarterly,
you can set your computer to do this for you
do you own an alternate startup disk to protect yourself in the case of a hard drive crash
do you have a surge protector or a UPS System? Your modem line, fax, printer,
monitor and computer should all be plugged into a surge protector and not directly into the wall.
In the case of a mjor computer disaster, could you and our business be up and running as close as possible to the last 24 hours of operation?
Identify any and all records and files that are vital for you to rebuild your business within a 24 hour period. Ensure you have backups and duplicates for the identified records – computer, as well as, paper.
These simple, though detailed processes will ensure you are up and running in a very short time