Quick Tips

  • Keep a spare set of linens in each bedroom if space allows, especially guest rooms.


Linen Closet

A linen closet can corral all the bedding in one place, but sometimes even that gets chaotic. Keep things tidy:

  • Centralize all bedding linens in one optimal closet or in a closet adjacent to the particular room.
  • Group linens by bed size or room use for ease of finding and ease of putting away.
  • This reduces steps and wasted time searching for a specific sheet set.


Storage At A Premium










Lack of space for storing bedroom linens? Invest in a storage trunk. A trunk can function as a decorative and functional piece. The versatility of the trunk can be extended to the dorm room when you send your child off to college.
When purchasing bedroom furniture always think “space maximization.” Seek night stands that have drawers, shelves, or storage. A headboard can be beautiful, appealing to our aesthetic nature, and functional. Your or nightstands or even headboard should contain ample space to store tissues, alarm clock, phone, water glasses, reading glasses, and your favorite reading material or romantic pleasures.


Maintain – Keep It Neat!

Take 30 seconds to hang your clothes up after wearing them instead of creating piles. Remember, it’s easier to deal with clothes in 30 second intervals rather than 60 minute drudgery segments to hang 1-2 weeks worth.



  • Keep a laundry basket of some sort in every bedroom.
  • Invest in an over-the-door hook that accommodates multiple hanging items.
  • A jewelry armoire can corral all your earrings, bracelets and necklaces.
  • Use a safe for highly valuable items.