Garden Journal

Though I wanted my first entry here to be much earlier in life. At least… Right?


We’ll start with The Devastation. I think it sounds more dramatic.

I sprayed the courtyard for bugs. I used the formula that was meant as mosquito abatement. Every time I watered the Sedum, I saw gnats.

Categories. Love them!


Anyway, I used some insecticide that contained Malathion. I’ve always thought that that was a cool name. Malathion.

I think the problem was the Malathion. It was probably twenty years old or older. Instead of wiping out the bugs –because I still saw some afterwards– it decimated many plants in the courtyard. The Sedum collection is no more. I would not be proud to show anyone any of the Sedum. I had some that I called specimens because they were in such beautiful shape.



Home Bible

A Home Bible contains handy information for quick reference and keeps track of household activities and corals other materials you may need to hold onto, but don’t know what to do with.


Where to Start

I made a home bible from a white 3-ring binder, some insert-able page protector sleeves, and some organizing separator tabs. My categories include takeout menus; reference – for items like trash recycling schedule and calendar of events; emergency preparedness, etc.


Items to include:

  • school calendar
  • address book
  • to-do lists
  • take-out and delivery menus, coupons, restaurants, and numbers
  • master shopping list
  • family health records
  • school lunch schedules
  • little league schedules
  • measurements, sketches and swatches of home decor
  • post office information
  • neighborhood information
  • disaster plan
  • theater seating charts
  • remote control and electronic device instructions


Other “Bibles”

I keep this binder in an area where I have similar reference “bibles”. I have one for craft projects which contains swatches, pictures from magazines, and art clippings.

I keep one for all the electronic or device manuals I need to reference every once in a while. I used to keep these in the home bible, but there are just too many and it was making that binder heavy and unwieldy.

And, I have one for all my Halloween reference materials. It’s like my Pinterest in a notebook. But Pinterest is more fun. I also discovered that the binders are a good place to store the decorative cling gels.



Taste is defined as a single sensation, whereas a flavor is a combination of multiple sensations experienced at the same time. Flavor involves taste and smell. Approximately 80-90% of what we perceive as “taste” actually is due to the sense of smell. This is because some scent molecules volatilize and travel up to the olfactory organ through the passage at the back of the throat that connects to the nose. Since we can only taste four different true “tastes”, it is actually smell that lets us experience the complex, mouth watering flavors that we associate with our favorite foods.

Flavor vs. Taste

The difference between flavor and taste can be illustrated by holding your nostrils closed while eating a lemon. The sensation perceived as the lemon’s sourness cannot be distinguished from that of of the vinegar’s sourness. When the nostrils are released, however, the citrus scent from the lemon or the fruitiness of the vinegar becomes apparent.

Flavor is as much an emotional aspect as it is a chemical one. The emotional connections that one has to certain foods determines their likability or tolerance for those foods.

Recycling Facts

Recycling Facts


Recycling appeals to my organizational impulse because items of the same variety are being gathered together in order to be made into something new. Multiple things are merging into one thing thus lessening clutter, in my mind’s eye.

  • More than 56% of the paper consumed in the U.S. during 2007 was recovered for recycling.
  • In total, 54.3 million tons of paper and paper board products were recovered in 2013 in the U.S. – approximately 360 pounds for every man, woman and child in the country, up from 233 pounds per person in 1990.
  • The amount of paper being recovered far exceeds the amount sent to landfill sites. Every ton of paper that is recovered saves 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space.
  • Enough paper was recovered for recycling in 2013 to fill 130 Empire State Buildings.
  • Since 1990, when the paper industry established its first recovery goal to advance recycling in the United States, paper recovery has grown by more than 87 percent.


Halloween Shopping 2014

Halloween Shopping 2014


Every year I live for Halloween. I usually start decorating and crafting for the holiday the first weekend in September. Last year, because I made some of my decorations – Apothecary bottles and Spooky Botanicals – my husband suggested I start in August. I thought that was a bit early, but not outrageous. He was right, though, I didn’t have everything finished that I wanted to in time for our party. This year, I did start in August.

Fun for me is also looking at all the merchandise the stores put out every year. I usually buy something every year to add to my collection. But I also like to get ideas from the goodies for sale. I noticed already that both Walmart and Lowe’s are following the trend of wreaths.

I always take note to myself when I have been to the first store and perused the Halloween. It’s the official beginning of the season for me. This year it was Kroger. First the Kroger down the street and then my Kroger that is closer. Kroger usually has at least one something cute. But this year – maybe it’s early – the have they standard fare: a few costumes/masks, some fall schlock, toys, etc. Nothing impressive.

Walmart was the 2nd store this year that I have visited. Last year, it seemed Walmart was late to get their items out for Halloween. I had to pick up a few things and just happen to see the Halloween inflatables on the top of the gondola in the seasonal section. I am usually always disappointed in Walmart’s offerings. They are big on costumes, masks, and candy, some decoratives, some inflatables, jack-o-lanterns, and some outdoor and window decorations and lights. But it’s rare that they have something unique and worth taking home. This season, however, I was thrilled to see that they had a few very cute things. And the prices were not bad either. In fact, I had to go ahead and buy one of the cute items because there was only one at my location – again, it’s a little early – and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to find it again when I wanted to.

See Walmart’s offerings below:

Glitter Ravens and Owls for under two bucks:




A nicely painted black resin “boo” sign with a quality feel for under $4:




Glitter covered bats and spiders for under a buck:



Glitter skulls for under $3:



Hanging glittered cardboard spiders and bats for under $2, I believe. I thought these were a little pricey for cardboard, but I think the glitter is the expensive component.



Striped bats of cloth and plastic for under $4. They seemed to have an under wire for posing and look like they probably glow in black light.



Some different tombstone shapes than you normally see. It irks me though that 99% of all tombstones have R.I.P. on them. Is that as creative as we can get after all this years?






Black feather owls for under $6:



Black feather ravens in two sizes for under $8 for the large and under $3 for the small. A little pricey for both sizes considering you can get the small size of almost the same quality at the Dollar Tree.



And the cutest things that Walmart had was the small animated male and female vampire busts for under $8. The eyes light up and they speak several different phrases each when activated. Though the faux finish is plasticy, I think I could do a more convincing finish once I got them home.



Lastly, was the item I thought I might not see again so I went ahead and purchased it. It’s an antique phone that has the old-phone ring and speaks several phrases and makes other sound effects when activated.  I think I could faux the finish on it as well to make it more convincing. It seemed to be of good enough quality and the price wasn’t bad for the overall effect, under $15.





I am so excited about Halloween and all the new merchandise to discover.

Keep Calm and Haunt On!

I am sure that is pinned on Pinterest somewhere.